Bioinformatics has really taken off as a field in recent years. The completion of the Human Genome project and the advent of platforms for making large throughput molecular observations has created unprecedented opportunities for understanding Biological systems. Unfortunately or not, this has resulted in a deluge of data, which has to be curated and analyzed using software and newer algorithms and workflows, and then applied to a variety of areas in Drug discovery, Biomedical research, Precision medicine, Diagnostics development and more.

Bioinformaticians, sometimes referred to as Computational Biologists, have been tasked with putting together software and hardware solutions for data analysis, workflow development, algorithm development, software integration or reducing code runtimes using HPC or cloud. But bioinformatics programmers are a rare breed. Most recruitment companies and headhunters dont understand the skillsets they posess (not your standard software developer!), and in combination with the rarity of their existence, the hiring process can be frustrating and lengthy, and their salaries are also very high!

At, we can help. We have a team of professionals based out of New Delhi in India, who are trained in Bioinformatics and have a MS or PhD degree, at least. Our team has also worked on a variety of projects for our clients as well as our internal projects. They are well versed in Linux, Python, Perl, R, MySQL and Matlab, and based on their project history, have experience in a range of Bioinformatics application areas.

Value Proposition: In addition to sky-high recruitment, salary and benefits costs, the practice of bioinformatics involves the purchase of hardware and software, and in many cases, licensed data. For small companies, this can be prohibitive to their operation. Big companies also struggle to manage them and often find they save money by outsourcing. By working with, our customers not only get lower start-up and running costs, but also re-use and sharing of licensed resources such as commercially purchased software and propreitary data sources. Our customers also save development time and costs because we recycle code that has already been written by us. In fact we have our internal bioinformatics code library. In the end, for us its all about saving our customers money!

Approximate costs: In the US and the EU, Bioinformatics professionals can cost anywhere from $90k to $250k per year, depending on experience. Our professionals are in the US mid-salary range, but due to favaorable exchange rates and lower cost of living in India, they can be hired for less than half the US cost. There are no fringe benefits to pay or recruitment costs. Only a 6-month minimum commitment of their monthly salary. We take care of their office space, attendance, payroll, project management, mentoring and technical assistance on their projects.

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