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Introduction:This course is about the analysis of DNA and protein sequences using computer software. Topics to be covered include sequence formats, alignments, search, and various command line tools such as BLAST, FASTA, HMMER and editing software such as Geneious, Jalview, etc

Why learn Sequence analysis: DNA and protein sequences can now be acquired in high throughput platforms, leading to a revolution in genomics and proteomics. Researchers everywhere now have to deal with mountains of sequence data to understand biology in species of interest, and without adequate training, they will be severely hampered.

Logistics: The course is divided into 4 sessions with pre-recorded videos, handouts, reference cards, examples, data and scripts. Enrollees can contact the instructor with questions and get help on the projects. The main topics are listed below in the Syllabus. Homework assignments will involve running commands learned in the live lectures.

Requirements: Basic knowledge of Biology is required, and prior experience with any programming language will be helpful. Math skills will also be useful.

Price: $1200 for Commercial/Government enrollees and $600 for Academic researchers and students.

Instructor: Shailender Nagpal (LinkedIn)


  • - Fundamentals of DNA and protein alphabets, representations, patterns, structures and annotations
  • Session1: DNA and protein sequence alignments: local, global and multiple
  • Session2: Tools for performing these alignments
  • Session3: Sequence database searches using BLAST, FASTA and SSEARCH
  • Session4: Gene finding, genome annotation and assembly

Introduction: This course provides attendees with a basic overview of how and where bioinformatics is used and applied.

Logistics: Shailender Nagpal

Requirements: Unknown

Instructor: Shailender Nagpal