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Bioinformatician.net is a Web portal for the Bioinformatics community that brings together services such as Training, Recruiting and Consulting to advance Life Science projects. Individuals who are engaged in Bioinformatics projects can find information on the latest trends in the field and train themselves in various application areas. Those that need to interpret data from large scale biological experiments can learn how to analyze the data and apply the results to advance their understanding of diseases and the development of drugs and diagnostics. With our training courses there is a good return on investment since our courses are affordable and they teach the most relavent items for a given topic. We work with Life Science companies and research labs and make them successful by finding the best people who can take on Bioinformatics projects and are trained. Our experts leverage our experiences and existing code base to build innovative custom solutions for computational big data problems in biology, thereby saving time and money, while creating novel findings that can make an impact on patient's lives

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Sep 2-3, 2015. Onsite course at CDC: Perl programming for Bioinformatics

Bioinformatician.net held an onsite training course on "Perl programming for Bioinformatics" at the CDC in Atlanta, GA"" Details.